Thursday, 14 January 2016

Side Effects of Hair Transplant Treatment

Every treatment has the some side effects after the surgery. There are also some side effects of the hair transplant surgery like: pain, scabbing and swelling. These are the main and the most common side effects after the hair transplantation treatment for the one to two weeks. In the hair transplant treatment the donor hairs comes into your head and there is some change for the disease.  But if you want to know the major side effects then it could be bleeding or infection but these are the rare effects. These side effects happen to only 5% to 10% patient.

The other side effects are Shock loss also known as thinning of hair. After the surgery it’s happen because of the poor form of hair transplantation. Hairs are couldn’t successfully transplant and this is the main cause of the side effect. If you loose the 50 to 100 hairs per day then it’s called shedding.

Itching that is one of the common side effect after the treatment. Almost every patient suffers from this effect. Scab formation is the main factor for the itching.

And the other main and the most common side effects are Scarring, Numbness, Hiccoughs or Cysts.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hair Transplant Centres in India

Hair loss problem is very common and growing day by day. It is increasing all because of healthy diet which is very rare to see in every person. People love to eat junk foods and they do not pay much interest in green vegetables. That’s why they face such types of problems like skin related and hair issues which is the common ailment. Many men get bald at the early age and apply many home remedies but nothing helps. Females also suffer with hair fall problem and their growth of hair also gets reduced. 

When all home remedies fail then there is only one solution for them i.e. Hair transplants procedure. It is the most effective technique by which you get the chance of getting hair in bald area. In this procedure hair from the back of the head is surgically removed by the surgeon. At the time of surgery, surgeon numbs the area in which he is operating. Surgeon uses that hairs and make the graft and use that hair to attach them into that area which is bald.

Here I would like to share a video where you can come to know how this procedure is done and how a patient feels after this treatment. 

This is a video clip by patient who is from Canada and has taken this treatment and today he is feeling good. He does not have faced any side effects.

There is another video which is about the patients who is from Australia. He also had the same condition and now he is also fine. The users have shared very good experience. They all have taken the treatment from hair transplant clinic in India whose name is Satyam Hair Transplant.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant there are lot of content available online for the hair transplant treatment and if we surf on web we can find very useful information regarding all the techniques of hair transplant. As there is very good literature available on this and we have to go through from all the information before going for the hair surgery. So let’s discuss what are the sources on web available from where user can get the proper information regarding the centre’s which are available and how one can judge which centre is best for the treatment or not.

We have to follow the keyword for the particular treatment on web to find the good centre’s like if someone is from abroad and he or she want to go for the transplant in India than they need to find the hair transplant in India On web and they can get the list of good centre’s and then now if we have database regarding the centre’s now we have to select one of the best centre from list for that one of the best medium today is social media we have to search on social media that what are the reviews regarding that centre on social media and if we will go through the reviews of that centre on social media we will come to know clearly about the reputation of that centre and also find the business reviews of that centre on web because they are very useful and give very good information regarding that centre and also find videos of that centre and the patient who has publish their testimonials regarding that centre you need to verify that patient that they are genuine of not. Because with the help of all these we will come to know about the centre.