Friday, 27 March 2015

Natural Hair Loss Solutions For all Hairs

Natural Hair Loss Solutions
Best of the best remedies of hair solutions. We live in polluted cities and our daily routine is so hard so in that case hair loss occurs. Main reasons of hair loss dust, pollution, direct sunrays into our head, medication,  genetic, aging,  hormonal  changes.
Following are some natural hair loss treatments-
1. Onion- Onion juice is best for hairs use of one month give the good results to hairs.
2. Diet – One another best treatment is your diet. Hair loss occurs when you have less protein in your diet so   make your diet full of protein or in sufficient quantity then you realize after some time your hair fall control.
3. coconut milk- one best thing for hairs a coconut milk so massage coconut milk into your hairs this will give a good results.
4. Alovera- Alovera gel is so good to your hairs. Regularly massage of
5. Amla- Amla oil is also best for hair loss. Mix with lime and apply on your scalp.
6.Curd-  apply curd on your hairs and then was with water.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hair Transplant In India Punjab

we care our face and skin as same type we also look after our hairs because it is also
a main and important part of our body.

Now life is so busy and everyone is indulge to their work so no one has free time to take care
of himself. As result so many people has hair fall problem. so many causes of hair loss
one is Diet, hair care.

What is hair transplant
First of all hair transplant surgeon clean scalp then inject anesthetic to nimb area.
After this task then another is grafting into scalp. He place these hairs to bald area.

This technology is called hair transplantation now its available in all over India, Punjab.
now their are 20 to 30 year experienced doctors of this field. so hair surgeons those give
a new look to a human.If you lose your confidence by losing your hair so these are the persons those give your confidence

Two types of hair transplants
Fut- Follicular Unit hair transplantation
Fue- Follicular unit Extraction

In Fut hair units removed from a donor and then place to patient bald area.
In Fue Hair units remove from donor area and transplanted into thinning area.