Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

The ICSI treatment is usually practiced while IVF treatment is carried out. In an IVF treatment, the female eggs and male sperms are placed together in a dish so that the fertilization process takes place. But in ICSI treatment only one single active sperm is injected into the female egg. 

Why should you go with ICSI treatment?

The treatment of ICSI is basically used to treat the male infertility cases such as:

Oligospermia – in which men are having a low sperm count or low semen volume
Teratozoospermia – in which men are having the sperms that look abnormal
Asthenozoospermia – in which men’s sperms are not having good capability to move spontaneously. 

Will you have a healthy pregnancy with ICSI?

The normal pregnancies can have birth defects of about 1.5% to 3% but with ICSI treatment there could be slightly increased in the birth defect if does not performed with care. But if you go with best ICSI clinics in India for your treatment then you can get the healthy pregnancy. With ICSI treatment you can get the success rate of 50% to 80% over the other treatments.