Friday, 27 March 2015

Natural Hair Loss Solutions For all Hairs

Natural Hair Loss Solutions
Best of the best remedies of hair solutions. We live in polluted cities and our daily routine is so hard so in that case hair loss occurs. Main reasons of hair loss dust, pollution, direct sunrays into our head, medication,  genetic, aging,  hormonal  changes.
Following are some natural hair loss treatments-
1. Onion- Onion juice is best for hairs use of one month give the good results to hairs.
2. Diet – One another best treatment is your diet. Hair loss occurs when you have less protein in your diet so   make your diet full of protein or in sufficient quantity then you realize after some time your hair fall control.
3. coconut milk- one best thing for hairs a coconut milk so massage coconut milk into your hairs this will give a good results.
4. Alovera- Alovera gel is so good to your hairs. Regularly massage of
5. Amla- Amla oil is also best for hair loss. Mix with lime and apply on your scalp.
6.Curd-  apply curd on your hairs and then was with water.

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