Saturday, 21 November 2015

Procedure of Hair Transplant in India

I am sure that everyone knows the hair transplant in India. Did you know? When the first hair transplant technology was used in which year and started from where? This modern technology was revealed in 1950 and first used in USA.
How this hair transplant surgery procedure is done? In this surgery hair transplant surgeon takes out the narrow strip of hair from the back of the head.  Use that hair to fill or cover up the area which has no hair. It is performed under the local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain.

To perform this action of transplanting hair, surgeon first cleans the scalp and then injects an injection of anesthetic. By injecting this person becomes numb on that part where it is injected. Then doctor easily removes the strips of hair from that part with a scalpel. Then after this, surgeon divides the strip into 2000 or less tiny grafts.  Now the grafts are prepared. It is a time of placing the hair into that part which is bald. Surgeon first cleans that part and then inject anesthetic to numb that place and transplant that grafts into that area.

The hair transplant procedure takes approximately four to eight hours or it can be take more depending upon the decision of the patients that what type of hair he or she want.  

After hair transplant surgery you may need to take medicines for several days which are recommended by your doctor. Most of the people get back to the work after the surgery of hair transplant.

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