Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Natural Look In hair Transplantation

What are the elements that natural look in hair transplantation?

Convenient front hairline must be determined. Hair density should be satisfactory. The original hair angle and hair direction must be preserved. 35-40 degree angle with the plantation should be applied to ensure natural image.
In terms of health status and those who do not mind moving as long as 18 years, and after consultation results can be easily performed in the appropriate person. For patients who have not completed the age of 18 your parents as well as other plastic surgery requirement when applications are allowed. Plantation after the necessary analysis of people experiencing hair loss process is applied

So why is poured hair?

Older color and form in the stress of losing their hair loss febrile illness, so a lot of reasons to diet pregnancy is said to be effective.

Hair loss is a certain proportion of medically considered normal edilir.h day 50, the proportion of medical name on the 100 hair loss hair loss normaldir.b enters the Alepou.

The most common known cause of hair loss is effective in hormonal and environmental factors other than genetic reason.

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