Saturday, 5 December 2015

How to Prevent Hair Fall?

How to prevent your hair fall from natural methods? Always keep in mind that “prevention is better than cure”. Yes follow this rule and expand your personality with classic healthy hair. Every person is very personality conscious. But they do not know that whatever they are following to make their look trendy that is good or not.

Healthy lifestyle does not mean that makes you personality or look with new extensions like hair straightening with chemicals, or anything that you apply to make your look trendy. I am not saying that avoid these things but I am telling you here that these things are not good for you. Did you know that main reason of hair loss is because of these unnatural belongings?

Take care of the following things:
  • Don’t pull your hair tight. Many women I have seen that they used to stylish hairstyles like braids or pony tails and they pull it so tightly. This causes their hair to come out from the roots. So always used to use different hair styles. This is the good practice to recover your hair.
  • Avoid chemicals like herbal or any other which are used to change your hair look. This is also a bad habit and now a day this changing hair trendy is too much common. Every girls love to change their hair styles such as perming, hot oil treatments, styling with devices, straitening, and  hot ironing.
  • Even boys also change their look with straightening, curling or any other hair style. They should also avoid these types of things.
  • As earlier people used to dry their hair with air dry. This is the natural medium to dry your hair. But now a day they used to blow drying. It can result in dries out your scalp and hair follicles can be damaged.
  • Always avoid combing when your hairs are wet, because at that time your hairs root are too much loose and combing in wet hairs can increase the chances of pull out the hair strands from roots.
When you strictly follow the good habits then you do not need to go for any hair transplant surgery. If you have lost your hair then only one option that will help your hair from fall that is hair transplantation modern technique.

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