Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Reasons of Hair Loss For Male

“Hairs” in one way or the other provide attractive and dignified look to a person. Loss of hair can be the major drawback in a person’s one self. But, “what a relief”, hair transplant centers come as a ray of hope for men and women around the globe for hair growth treatment. There are number of hair transplant centers those are certified for medical treatments for hair loss. Further its discussed more about hair loss, hair treatments and hair transplant methods.


The symptoms involve dandruff, skin lesions and scarring. The areas where hair loss can be detected are eyebrows, rear side of the head, above the ears etc. The other signs of hair loss can be, hair left in the basin after shampoo or hair left after combing or a lot of experimentation with hair can also result in loss of hair.


Alopecia or baldness or hair loss means loss of hair from head or body, which can also be termed as general loss or male pattern loss. The reason could be:

·         Male Pattern Baldness
·         Nutrition
·         Heredity
·         Experiments
·         Infection
·         Drugs
·         Hair paints or dyes
·         Trauma
·         Stress
·         Others

 The above reasons can result in hair loss, in major cases the loss of hair is due to “Male Pattern Baldness”.

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