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Hair loss problems and solutions

Decoction of onion peel effectively replaces shampoos:

Shampooing it eliminates dandruff, strengthens the hair, making it soft, silky and shiny. The broth is prepared on the basis of: a handful of husks to 1 cup water, cooking time - 5-10 minutes.

For the treatment of hair loss are also used as masks grass.

Sage, immortelle, nettle and St. John's wort brew in a thermos for 4 hours, then add colorless henna and the resulting mixture is applied to the scalp before washing.

Leaves of nettle

well strengthen the hair roots and restore blood circulation of the scalp. A mixture of 50 g of crushed leaves of nettle and 50 g stinging nettle rhizome poured 0.5 liter of vinegar and 0.5 liters of water, heated on a steam bath for 30 minutes. Filtered decoction massage the scalp 1-2 times a week.

If a strong hair loss are used for rubbing the tincture of red peppers:

of the red pepper pour 10 parts of 70-degree alcohol, insist for about a week and filter. Then tincture diluted 10 parts water and boiled several times a week, preferably at night, rub need in the scalp.

Henna - a paint dried leaves from the lower lawsonite (shrub growing in the areas of hot and dry climate). Henna gives hair a rich copper color and a beautiful shine, but it does not have as strong coloring power to completely replace the natural hair color. Under the influence of substances contained in the henna is compressed and compacted outer surface of the hair. Therefore, after staining henna thin hair becomes stiffer and thicker sound, and thick hair - luxuriant.
To get a darker shade, henna to add other vegetable matter - basma.

Basma - a potent agent, so it is always used in conjunction with one another henna Basma stain your hair green. Basma has remarkable cosmetology properties: stimulates hair growth and gives them a natural shine, improves hair structure and strengthens the roots, eliminates dandruff. Basma is especially recommended if you are sensitive to the chemical components of conventional hair dyes.

Henna and Basma
Options staining mixture of henna with basma there exists a large number, but there are basic postulates, which must adhere to:
- Powders are put into a porcelain dish,
- Fill with water temperature of about 75-90 degrees. Boiling water (100 degrees) can be used only for Basma, henna is baked at a temperature - coloring properties deteriorate,
- Wear gloves,
- Apply on the edge of hair growth or fat cream vazilin,
- With a brush quickly and evenly distribute the paint on pre-washed hair. You need to get up to that time, until the paint is cool not to get uneven,
- Are covered by hair polyethylene beret (or plastic bag) on ​​top to warm towel or handkerchief,
- Leave for a while. My hairdresser told me that this mixture should be left for at least 5 hours! So, please be patience and time,
- Washing process also requires patience - crumbs henna difficult washed out of the hair.
- After painting is not recommended to wash your hair for 3 days.

The variation of colors. Henna and Basma - a proportion:
- Golden-red tone is obtained by brewing powders are not water, chamomile tincture (1-2 tablespoons per cup, brew, strain, warmed to 75-90 degrees)
- Red - need to add ground coffee (1 tbsp. L to 25 g powder)
- Pale brown - you need to add cocoa (1 tbsp. L to 25 g powder)
- Tone "mahogany" - pour powder wine of Cahors,
- Chocolate tone - a mixture of henna and make Basma (1: 2) for 5 hours to keep the hair. This procedure is carried out 2-3 times, intense chocolate color can be obtained only through a long laborious staining. For one-night stand - unreal.
Chocolate shade still give a strong infusion of black tea mixed with henna. Also for chocolate, you can add hops (ratio - 1 teaspoon hops on 1 bag of henna), and with the help of walnut leaves. On 1 bag of henna take 1 tablespoon of nut leaves, boiled in a little water.

If the hair is turned the wrong shade
Neutralize too bright hair color after dyeing with henna as follows: put on your hair slightly warmed vegetable oil. The oil absorbs henna. Spread over the entire surface and leave for 20 - 30 minutes and then rinse your hair with shampoo. If you are still not satisfied with the result, the procedure can be repeated.

Believe me, your hair will benefit colossal! And yet - saving money. 1 package of henna and Basma cost about 2 USD (0.25 cents). For medium hair, I use 2 packages of henna (for 25g.) + Maximum 1 package Basma. Think for yourself

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