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Hair Loss Treament with hair Transplant In india punjab Ludhiana

If you have a lot of gray hair, and you are younger than 35 years, it is possible that you lack vitamin B12 and B9 is known as folic acid. It has been shown that these vitamins with exposure to sunlight may help to restore pigmentation in places on the skin and hair, which had ceased to produce melanin. Vitamin B12 can be supplied through red meat, shellfish, fish, eggs, chicken, turkey and milk. Folic acid in turn are abundant in green leafy vegetables, legumes and grains.
Dried topics scaling
In addition to using too many products, dandruff can be due to stress and anxiety. Dandruff is in most cases "cures" shampoos, or if flakes look like tiny scabs then you might suffer from psoriasis. Dandruff is that uncontrolled fall and does not decrease may indicate and some other disease such as Crohn's or multiplekskleroza and advice to consult a doctor.
If it's a hormonal imbalance will help consuming integral, unprocessed food and half an hour of physical activity three times a week. As for the hair, the myth is that less frequent washing to prevent the decline. Hair should be monitored regularly and maintain a healthy scalp.
The hair on the brush - possible causes

diseases, the hair becomes thinner, dull and poorer pigment.
Lack of vitamins and minerals - reduced value of iron, copper and zinc in the blood. Lack of iron levels are often a consequence of heavy menstrual bleeding or unbalanced, low-calorie diet with enough nutrients.
Drugs - cytostatics, vitamin A and its derivatives, antidepressants, anticoagulants, blockers betareceptora, hormones (testosterone), drugs to reduce blood fat.
Among other causes should be mentioned radiation, stress, and mechanical damage.

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